Journal of Machines and Computing


Journal of Machines and Computing (JMC) addresses the current research activities in machines and computing with examination of rigorous concepts of computation and is facilitated by the distinction between intelligence, mathematical, symbolical, and physical computations. JCM focuses machines and intelligence seems to be the current technical buzzword as everyone seems to be getting into this research. JCM welcomes submissions of innovative research, theoretical and practical significance that will support, and foster technology improvements related to Intelligence, Mechanical, Expert System, Robotics, Mechatronics and computation. Papers on theory, method, and modeling as well as on application topics are all invited.

Most Recent

The Concept of Sustainable Manufacturing Maturity System (SMMS)

Ali-Кhusein and Urquhart, First Moscow State University, Russia

Pages : 106-114

DOI : 10.53759/7669/jmc202101012

Published On : April 05, 2021


Green Infrastructure and Manufacturing: Analysis of IE and SM Innovations for Future Generations

Bukuroshe Elira, Epoka University, Autostrada Tiranë-Rinas, km. 12, 1000, Albania.

Pages : 097-105

DOI : 10.53759/7669/jmc202101011

Published On : April 05, 2021


A Survay on Photovoltaics Technology for Water Pumping

Matt Bowden Computer Science and Engineering, Australian National University, Australia.

Pages : 086-096

DOI : 10.53759/7669/jmc202101010

Published On : April 05, 2021


Theoretical Aspects of Sustainable Development (SD) and Industrial Energy (IE)

Sim Sze Yin and Yoni Danieli, Department of Computer Science and Engineering Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.

Pages : 078-085

DOI : 10.53759/7669/jmc202101009

Published On : April 05, 2021