Journal of Robotics Spectrum


The Journal of Robotics Spectrum (JRS) is a comprehensive publication that prioritizes the advancement of robotics and automation. With a strong emphasis on various aspects such as robot design, control systems, perception, navigation, human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensing technologies, computer vision, swarm robotics, autonomous systems, automation, and their application in diverse industries. JRS actively promotes the integration of robotics technology into real-world scenarios and development of society.

Most Recent

Optimizing Object Classification in Robotic Perception Environments Exploring Late Fusion Strategies

Rodney Adam, School of computer science, The University of Sydney, Camperdown NSW 2050, Australia.

Anandakumar Haldorai, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Coimbatore, India.

Pages : 076-086

DOI : 10.53759/9852/JRS202402008

Published On : June 02, 2024


Field Performance of a Dual Arm Robotic System for Efficient Tomato Harvesting

Stanisław Lem, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.

John Mackey, School of Engineering, University of Padua, Padova PD, Italy.

Pages : 066-075

DOI : 10.53759/9852/JRS202402007

Published On : March 16, 2023


Navigation Techniques and Algorithms for Mobile Robots and Automated Guided Vehicles

Andrzej Wajda, Data Science, University of Wrocław, Wrocław, Poland.

Pages : 056-065

DOI : 10.53759/9852/JRS202402006

Published On : May 11, 2024


Exploring Industrial Robot Control Systems: Components, Software and Applications

Mary Robinson and Gerry Adams, College of Science and Engineering, University of Galway, Galway, Ireland.

Pages : 046-055

DOI : 10.53759/9852/JRS202402005

Published On : March 20, 2024


Autonomous Robotic Capabilities in Space Exploration: From Mars to Beyond

Mariano Rajoy Lorca, Department of Aviation Management, Autonomous University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

Pages : 034-045

DOI : 10.53759/9852/JRS202402004

Published On : February 26, 2024