Journal of Machine and Computing

Integrated Blockchain Manufacturing Design for Distributed Authentication, Validation and Secure Sharing of Events in VANET

Journal of Machine and Computing

Received On : 10 June 2022

Revised On : 30 September 2022

Accepted On : 30 November 2022

Published On : 05 January 2023

Volume 03, Issue 01

Pages : 017-026


Intelligent transportation system (ITS) is a technique to improve the driving conditions and safety through collaborative exchange of information between vehicles. Ensuring the authenticity and secure exchange of the events is an important functionality of ITS. Recently blockchain based decentralized solutions are proposed to address event’s authenticity and secure exchange instead of traditional centralized trusted third-party solutions. Along these lines, this work proposes a block chain based decentralized architecture to realize additional functionalities of fine-grained access control to events, revocation of access to events and ensuring the trustworthiness of the events. Block chain along with IPFS is used to realize these functionalities in a fully distributed manner using smart contracts. Performance comparison of proposed solution with state of art demonstrates a better resilience to attacks and comparatively lower execution costs for smart contracts.


VANET, ITS, IPFS, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Manufacturing Design.

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