Journal of Computational Intelligence in Materials Science


Journal of Computational Intelligence in Materials Science (JCIMS) provides a forum for advance in-depth understanding of the relationship between computational intelligence structure including synthesis, structure, mechanical, chemical, electronic, magnetic, and optical properties, and functions of all kinds of materials. JCIMS aims to address solutions to current engineering problems in which computational materials, artificial intelligence methods, numerical techniques, expert systems, genetic algorithms, neural networks, process system design, engineering/materials/technological design, materials databases, computer-aided materials selection/design/manufacturing, computer-integrated material processing, casting, powder metallurgy, welding, sintering, plastic deformation of the relationship between all kinds of materials.

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A Survey on Multi Agent System and Its Applications in Power System Engineering

Madeleine Wang Yue Dong, School of Design, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

Pages : 001-011

DOI : 10.53759/XXXX/jcims202301001

Published On : January 05, 2023