Journal of Machine and Computing

Two Fish Encryption Based Blockchain Technology for Secured Data Storage

Journal of Machine and Computing

Received On : 25 November 2022

Revised On : 28 February 2023

Accepted On : 10 April 2023

Published On : 05 July 2023

Volume 03, Issue 03

Pages : 216-226


Data security and sharing remains nuisance among many applications like business data, medical data, banking data etc. In this research, block chain technology is built with encryption algorithm for high level data security in cloud storage. Medical data security seems critical aspect due to sensitivity of patient’s information. Unauthorized access of medical data creates major issue to patients. This article proposed block chain with hybrid encryption technique for securing medical data stored in block chain model at cloud storage. New Two fish encryption model is implemented based on RSA Multiple Precision Arithmetic (MPA). MPA works by using library concept. The objective of using this methodology is to enhance security performance with less execution time. Patient data is processed by encryption algorithm and stored at blockchain infrastructure using encrypted key. Access permission allows user to read or write the medical data attached in block chain framework. The performance of traditional cryptographic techniques is very less in providing security infrastructure. Proposed blockchain based Two fish encryption technique provides high security in less encryption and decryption time.


Data Security, Blockchain, Two Fish Encryption, Cloud Computing, Medical Data Security, RSA-Multiple Precision Arithmetic.

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