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Trust based Secure and Reliable Routing Protocol of Military Communication on MANETs

Journal of Machine and Computing

Received On : 15 July 2022

Revised On : 20 October 2022

Accepted On : 12 December 2022

Published On : 05 January 2023

Volume 03, Issue 01

Pages : 047-057


An entirely new and trendy peer-to-peer modern communications graph is called a Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET). The MANETs form their network without any infrastructure facilities, whenever needed. Military activities frequently need the quick and secure transfer of large quantities of data. The radio spectrum has been used by the military up until now for good communication but might have a chance to impact security problems. The security of data transfer is a major issue given the natural component of wireless networks in real-time situations. The main challenge is confirming trust across MANET nodes, as well as dealing with bandwidth, energy, and changing topology. By degrading the trust level between nodes, the malicious attitude increases poor data transmission, increases energy use, and reduces the duration of the network. To address this issue, we proposed a new protocol, Trust-based Secure and Reliable Routing Protocol (TSRRP), to increase the trust between nodes in MANETs and predict anomalous activity. This is done with the help of certain Quality of Service (QoS) metrics, such as the result analysis phase. NS2 is used to simulate the result. The simulation outcomes demonstrate how the suggested protocol performs better than the existing protocols.


MANETs, Security, TSRRP, Military Communication, QoS Metrics.

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