Journal of Machine and Computing

A Certain Investigations on Energy Efficient Techniques on Wireless Sensor Networks over Smart Grid

Journal of Machine and Computing

Received On : 30 June 2022

Revised On : 14 October 2022

Accepted On : 10 December 2022

Published On : 05 January 2023

Volume 03, Issue 01

Pages : 038-046


Energy efficiency plays biggest role in the wireless sensor network as the sensors are smaller and restricted in their resource capacity. Due to their nature of restricted resource capacity, data transmission would become more complex. So, it is required to concentrate more on data transmission strategies, to ensure the interruption avoided data transmission. There are different examination strategies has been presented before for performing data transmission. Among them most of research methodologies focused on attaining energy consumption reduced optimal data transmission. The working principlee and processing flow of previous research methodologies has been discussed here in details. This survey article is to discuss the research techniques which attempts to perform energy consumption reduced data handling, so that network lifetime of various sensor nodes can be utilized effectively along with increased data transmission rate. And this research work discussed the merits and demerits analysed over each research techniques discussed here. Finally, this research work is concluded with the performance analysis over varying number of nodes. The examination of the analysis work is done in the matlab. The mathematical qualities have been examined to predict the exhibition level of various examination procedures as far as their packet transmission rate, delay and energy utilization.


Packet Transmission Rate, Energy Consumption, End to End Delay, Reliable Data Transmission, Overhead.

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