Journal of Machine and Computing

Review on Security Analysis in Cyber Physical Systems

Journal of Machine and Computing

Received On : 31 January 2022

Revised On : 30 March 2022

Accepted On : 25 May 2022

Published On : 05 July 2022

Volume 02, Issue 03

Pages : 134-144


Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) have seen a dramatic increase in research and real-world application in recent years. Many parts of our everyday lives have been affected, including electrical power systems, oil and gas delivery, transportation networks, medical equipment, home appliances, and a host of other areas. For example, many critical infrastructure and life support equipment are relying on these kinds of systems. As a result, they are required to be completely secure and resistant to all forms of assaults, which is almost unachievable for any real-world system. This paper focuses on security analysis in CPSs, whereby security in CPSs, security threats in CPSs, and security challenges in CPSs, have been discussed


Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Information Technology (IT)

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