Journal of Computing and Natural Science

Current Issue

Definition, Challenges and Future Research for Internet of Things

Li Hua Fang and Dong Yonggui, Institute of Opto-Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100190.

Pages : 216-226

DOI : 10.53759/181X/JCNS202303020

Published On : October 05, 2023


A Critical Review of Crack Detection Based on Image Processing

Zhu Jiping, Department of Modern Mechanics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui province, China.

Pages : 204-215

DOI : 10.53759/181X/JCNS202303019

Published On : October 05, 2023


A Review of Textual and Voice Processing Algorithms in the Field of Natural Language Processing

Matt Bowden, Computer Science and Engineering, Australian National University, Australia.

Pages : 194-203

DOI : 10.53759/181X/JCNS202303018

Published On : October 05, 2023


An Analysis of Multi Agent Systems Agent Based Programming

Ali-Кhusein, School of Computing, First Moscow State University, Russia.

Pages : 182-193

DOI : 10.53759/181X/JCNS202303017

Published On : October 05, 2023


A Review of Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, and Machine Learning Approaches

Francisco Pedro, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal.

Pages : 169-181

DOI : 10.53759/181X/JCNS202303016

Published On : October 05, 2023