Journal of Biomedical and Sustainable Healthcare Applications

A Comprehensive Introduction to Healthcare Data Analytics

Journal of Biomedical and Sustainable Healthcare Applications

Received On : 16 September 2022

Revised On : 18 April 2023

Accepted On : 30 June 2023

Published On : 05 January 2024

Volume 04, Issue 01

Pages : 044-053


Healthcare data can be collected from various sources, including sensors, and conventional electronic records, photographs, data from clinical notes/biological literature, among others. The variation in data representation and gathering gives rise to issues in both data interpretation and processing. The methodologies required to analyze these diverse sources of data exhibit considerable variation. The presence of heterogeneity within the data gives rise to a distinct set of challenges when it comes to the processes of integration and analysis. This article presents a detailed review of healthcare data analytics and the respective data sources. Secondly, it discusses advanced data analytics for the healthcare sector, and its practical systems as well as applications of healthcare data analytics.


Big Data, Healthcare Data Analytics, Data Gathering, Data Representation, Data Processing, Data Interpretation.

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