Journal of Computing and Natural Science

The Contribution of Innovation, Science and Technology in Enhancing Renewable Energy

Journal of Computing and Natural Science

Received On : 20 September 2022

Revised On : 28 November 2022

Accepted On : 22 March 2023

Published On : 05 July 2023

Volume 03, Issue 03

Pages : 158-168


This article focuses on the importance of research, innovation, and technology in increasing the proportion of sources of renewables in the transnational spectrum of energy. It looks at the current state of renewable energy, where it's headed, what's holding it back, and what's pushing it forward, all in an effort to provide an overview of the state of the art. The paper covers a wide range of themes associated with renewables, including marketplace designs, and policy formulation, technical challenges to the incorporation of these renewables in the power system, mini-grid and off-grid uses, and residential use. This research argues that various nations would have distinct national renewable paths based on their contextual circumstances and goals. The paper proposes that a variety of policies are needed to facilitate the spread of renewable energy. The importance of international collaboration in enhancing the connectivity of grid infrastructures, as well as in information sharing, policy education, capacity building, and technological advancement, is emphasized.


Renewable Energy, Research, Innovation and Technology, Electric Grid, Grid Infrastructure, Industry 4.0.

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