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Face Recognition Attendance Management System Based on Data Analytics

Journal of Computing and Natural Science

Received On : 10 June 2021

Revised On : 18 July 2021

Accepted On : 20 October 2021

Published On : 05 April 2022

Volume 02, Issue 02

Pages : 035-037


Face recognition systems are utilised in a variety of situations. In this digital age, every industry is affected. One of the most well-known Face recognition is one of the most widely used biometrics. It can be used for a variety of things. Among other things, security, authentication, and identification are all important. Considering its limited accuracy when compared to retina and thumbprint recognition, and because it is a popular method of identification, it is widely used. Recognition of people's faces for Attendance tracking systems can also be utilised in Educational Institutions, Organizations. Because the Current manual is outdated, It takes a long time to set up and maintain an attendance system. Fundamentally, this approach aims to establish a class attendance system Face recognition technology is used in this system. There's also the option of having a proxy attend. As a result, As a result, demand for this system is increasing. Database development, face detection, face recognition, and attendance updating are the four steps of this system.The photos of the kids in class are used to generate the database.


Face Recognition, Data Analytics, Data Management, Biometric.

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