Journal of Computational Intelligence in Materials Science

New Techniques and Applications of Bioprocess inspired Manufacturing and Synthesis

Journal of Computational Intelligence in Materials Science

Received On : 10 January 2023

Revised On : 06 May 2023

Accepted On : 25 July 2023

Published On : 02 August 2023

Volume 01, 2023

Pages : 088-098


Manufacturing and designing bio-inspired materials has been successful in the past two decades due to the techniques, which focus on emulating well-defined geometries or specific functionalities of real biological materials. Additionally, in contrast to our human technologies, which often need severe circumstances, biological structure-forming techniques in natural frameworks may produce biomaterials effectively and correctly in ecologically benign conditions. Thus, bioprocess-inspired fabrication has been suggested as a new research area in recent years to explore natural structure-forming processes in order to develop unique approaches for manufacturing sophisticated materials with different morphologies and functionalities. In this paper, we focus on reviewing the principles, techniques, and applications of bioprocess-inspired manufacturing and synthesis. This paper also reviews the process of biomineralization, which is an application of bioprocess-inspired fabrication used by living organisms in establishing biominerals such as shells, bones, diatoms, and teeth. This survey has aim to critically discuss bio-process-inspired to cover the dearth of literature in this area of research.


Bioprocess Inspired Manufacturing, Bio-Inspired Materials, Bioprocess-Inspired Fabrication, Biomineralization Inspired Synthesis.

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