Journal of Computational Intelligence in Materials Science

Continuous Article Publication

Journal of Computational Intelligence in Materials Science (JCIMS) adopts a Continuous Article Publication (CAP) model, which offers several advantages over traditional publishing approaches. In this model, articles are promptly released online as soon as they are ready for publication, without having to wait for other articles to complete an entire issue. This results in faster accessibility to the final version of the article for readers and researchers.

JCIMS follows a single annual volume format, spanning from January to December. As new papers are accepted and finalized, they are added to the existing volume, gradually filling it throughout the year. This approach ensures a consistent flow of published articles, allowing researchers to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in computational intelligence in materials science. By embracing the Continuous CAP model and employing a single annual volume, JCIMS aims to expedite the dissemination of research findings, facilitate knowledge exchange, and foster efficient communication within the materials science community.

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