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AnaPub Digital Library

  1. Nonconventional Machining and Materials Processing: Proposed Design for Abrasive Jet Machining (AJM)
    Laura Schaefer
  2. Design for Sustainability and Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems - An Critical Analysis
    Francisco Pedro
  3. Hydromechanics, Aerodynamics and Thermodynamics: Critical Numerical Analysis of Aerodynamics of BLE Turbine Blade
    Shih-Chau Lin
  4. Fault Analysis for Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) in Machining
    Toshihiro Endo, Nobuyuki Hozumi
  5. An Assembly Approach for Determining the Maintainability index for Engineered Products
    Jain Emadi
  6. A Practical Solution for Pollution Management and Waste Disposal Issue in Urban Environments
    Laura Schaefer, Arvind Atreya
  7. An Detailed review on Applications of Smart Materials in Structural Engineering
    Udula Mangalika
  8. Industrial Cyber Physical System (ICPS) for the Control and Monitoring of Machines
    Abdulhaq Abildtrup, Iben Charlotte Alminde
  9. Theoretical Aspects of Sustainable Development (SD) and Industrial Energy (IE)
    Sim Sze Yin, Yoni Danieli
  10. A Survay on Photovoltaics Technology for Water Pumping
    Matt Bowden
  11. Green Infrastructure and Manufacturing: Analysis of IE and SM Innovations for Future Generations
    Bukuroshe Elira
  12. The Concept of Sustainable Manufacturing Maturity System (SMMS)
    Ali-Кhusein, Urquhart
  13. Metallurgy and Material Science an Detailed Analysis
    Sudha J, Ramya K
  14. Review of Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robotic Systems and Potential Industry Problems
    John Huria Nderitu
  15. Critical Analysis of the Selection of Non-Conventional Machining Processes
    Jesang Hutchinson
  16. Critical Analysis of Scalability of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
    Zhu Jiping
  17. Methodology to Design for Product Service Supportability
    Sarangi Mihir, Ramgopal Varma Nath
  18. Bioengineering and Hydromechanics of Flora in Stabilization of Slopes
    LYingluo Wang
  19. Critical Evaluation of the Cloud-Based Design and Manufacture
    Abirami.S.K, J.Keerthika
  20. Human Machine Integrated Interactions and Internet of Things
    Li Hua Fang and Dong Yonggui
  21. Analysis of Inverse Methods in Empirical Structural Mechanics
    ling pi Youn
  22. Machine Learning Technique and Applications – An Classification Analysis
    J Xin Ge, Yuan Xue
  23. Critical Analysis of Complex Systems Science and Mechanics
    Shi Xiao Qin
  24. Idea of Knowledge-Based Engineering using CAD Model
    Bian Xiuwu Maochun
  25. Analysis of Membrane Process Model from Black Box to Machine Learning
    Agnar Alfons Ramel
  26. Survey on Technique and User Profiling in Unsupervised Machine Learning Method
    Andri M Kristijansson, Tyr Aegisson
  27. An Evaluation of Supervised Dimensionality Reduction For Large Scale Data
    Nancy Jan Sliper
  28. Experimental Evaluation and Approach of Enhancement in Generation of Automatic Unsupervised Extractive Text Summarization of Marathi Text By Using Machine Learning Algorithm
    Apurva D. Dhawale, Sonali B. Kulkarni, Vaishali M. Kumbhakarna
  29. Evaluation of Dump Slope Stability Using Slide, Geoslope, and Phase 2 software
    M Sathish Kumar, Raj Kumar M
  30. An Analysis of Software Defined Networks and Possibilities of Network Attacks
    Anandakumar Haldorai, Karthikeyan K
  31. Threats in Software CPS and Potential Security Solutions
    Iheanyi Emeka Ukamaka, Agada Martina
  32. Securing Enterprise Emails in Cloud Platform
    Nabeena Ameen, Sumaiya Mubasshara.H, Fiza Hussain.M
  33. A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms on Intrusion Detection System
    Anusha Manjunath Raykar, Ashwini K B
  34. Leaf Disease Detection and Automatic Pesticide Suggestion Using Deep Learning
    Muthuselvi R, Nirmala G
  35. Movie Recommendation System Using Machine Learning Algorithms
    Onkar N Jadhav, Ashwini KB
  36. Traffic Violation Data Security System
    Aromal M, Arun Jiju Joseph, Fleming B Vinu, Sharan George Mammen, Praveen J S
  37. 6G Scenarios and Network Design Principles
  38. Fault Classification in Vehicle Power Transmission using Machine Learning
    Suriya M, Raakesh R, Srikaran R S, Surya K, Vino
  39. Definition and Applications of SDN, NFV, Edge Computing and AI/ML Techniques
    Fabio Caccioli Capra
  40. A Recommendation of a System Integrated With Edge Nodes, Multi-Cloud Instance and Decision-Making Mechanism for Voting System
    Kanev Boris Lisitsa
  41. Evaluation of the Cyber Security Risk Models (CSRM) in Cloud Computing
    Hossein Anisi
  42. Review on Security Analysis in Cyber Physical Systems
  43. An Evaluation of Ubiquitous Service Discovery and Remote Management in Ad-Hoc Networks
    Minu Balakrishnan